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How To Develop Professional React Apps

Get The Skills To Become A 6 Figure Front-End Engineer By Developing A Real App...

React salaries

Master the insanely popular React.js by building a real app called Voice Record Pro.

There's only one true way to learn, and that's by doing.

Expert React Ui

Get step-by-step guidance by a professional in the industry as you build a real React app.

Avoid technical debt, mistakes, and a ton of headaches.

Mark Muskardin, creator of React-Mic-Plus

Mark Muskardin - Senior Front-End Engineer, React Developer ,
and creator of the open source React-Mic (2,300+ weekly downloads)
and the paid React-Mic-Gold NPM packages.

The Training Program

This training program is made of 8 main modules designed to help you learn the basics of developing and designing professional React apps in less than 6 weeks. You'll master everything from React, Redux, Webpack, and more so that you can start building high quality professional React apps for clients, employers, or your own startup.

Here’s just a quick glimpse of what's inside...

Module 1:

Module 2:
React Crash Course

Module 3:
Redux Crash Course

Module 4:
Front-End Architecture Fundamentals

Module 5:
Coding The App Part I - Implement The Application Shell

Module 6:
Coding The App Part II - Develop the Microphone View

Module 7:
Coding The App Part III - Develop The Recording Playback View

Module 8:
Coding The App Part IV - Display The List Of Recordings