Want To Master Professional React App Development Quickly And Easily?
Master React App Development By Building A Real App...

The Professional React App training program is a 10 module learn-by-coding training program led by experts that will quickly and easily teach you how to develop & design high-quality React apps for clients, an employer, or your own products!

Meet Your Virtual Coach, Mark
Senior Front-End Engineer & React Developer
San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Hey I'm Mark, a Founder and Senior Front-End Engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I've been working in the software industry for over 10 years and always know the skills that are in high demand, and the skills companies are willing to pay top dollar for.

That's why I created this exclusive training program. To help people learn professional app development skills that are lucrative and fun at the same time.

I'm a strong believer that the only way to learn how to develop professional software is by doing. And that's what we do in this training program. We build a professional React app called Voice Record Pro together. By the end of the program, you'll know how to develop and design high-quality React apps for yourself, a client, or an employer.

Right now the React ecosystem of technologies is superior for one main reason: it's really good! And it's being used to create front-end applications for some of the biggest products and brands on the planet (Netflix, Uber, Instagram, etc.).

React makes software development a million times more fun versus other libraries and frameworks. The only challenge for you is to learn how to code, structure, and architect a living breathing application that you can connect to any backend.

There are a ton of mistakes and technical debt you can get into if you don't have the proper guidance. I'm here to help you learn the fundamentals of React development in order to save you time, headaches, and frustrations by helping you build apps using the best libraries, design patterns, and foundational boilerplate in the industry.

My name is Mark, and you can learn more about me on my LinkedIn page. Are you ready for some powerful new tech skills?

With Mark As Your Virtual Coach...
*You* Will Develop
Voice Record Pro

Expert React UI

Learn How To Create Amazing Apps In Half The Time
React.js Is An Insanely Popular Library In The Tech Industry
Learn how expert developers build the most advanced UIs using the insanely popular React.js. Once you master React, you'll be able to develop for Web and Native Mobile...
Master Redux, an advanced design pattern that will let you scale your apps. It manages the data that flows through an application, and it lets you respond to user actions in a highly manageable way...
Set yourself apart from other developers by learning how to configure Webpack. Once you learn Webpack, you'll be able to do *anything* on the front-end...
Structuring a professional React app is one of the most basic things you need to do. In the training program, you'll get access to a foundational boilerplate with an expert architecture and organizational structure...
You don't ever want to style you or your client's apps the wrong way. So many teams get this wrong and it can lead to major technical debt. In the training, you'll learn how to style your UI the right way...
When you develop apps for the Web, you need to design your URLs carefully. The URL is a major feature you get when building for the Web, and React-Router helps you implement them...
Not a designer? No problem. With the Material-UI collection of UI components, you can give your React apps a slick look 'n feel. Even companies with designers on staff use Material-UI so I'll show you how to integrate it correctly...
When you join the program, you'll get instant access to a professional front-end boilerplate I use for all my clients and employers. It has everything you'll need baked right in, you just have to learn how to use it!
Build Your Apps On Top Of A Superior Foundation

* A battle-tested UI foundational boilerplate for SAAS (Software As A Service) products

Get Access To An Expert Foundational Boilerplate
  • ​Get a highly reusable React component architecture ready to use
  • ​Redux configured, just learn this industry design pattern (you'll be glad you did)
  • ​Scaleable and highly maintainable CSS architecture built-in (save yourself a lot of pain)
  • ​Comes with an expert Webpack configuration
  • ​Responsive interface right out of the box for mobile & desktop
  • ​Fully integrated with top-notch Material-UI component library
  • Comes with an automated developer workflow to ensure high code quality
  • Foundational architecture designed for an entire team of developers
  • Expert routing setup for easy URL design
  • So much more!
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